X2 presents the Genza gaming mouse

Maarheeze, The Netherlands, 22-08-2014. X2 proudly introduces the Genza gaming mouse, the newest product in the X2 product gamma, part number: X2-M3003-USB High performance mice are required for precision… Read more


  • Spire Corp | Pasti Test | X2-HS7502-USB

    Pasti Test | X2-HS7502-USB

    With a 45 € suggest retail price and a great 7.1 virtual sound, this X² SolarBlast can be your next gaming headset. Forget the first feeling "It's a low cost product without quality" beca…

  • Spire Corp | | X2-MP03 | X2-MP03

    At the end of the day if you are looking for a monster mouse pad to cover a large area the X2 XPAD PRO XXXL is a very good offering and should definitely be considered. It offers a great surface, d…