• X2 Products | Computer Cases
    Computer Cases

    X2 Products cases are built with quality and efficiency. Offering not only a solid enclosure for hardware assembly, but also the thermal performance that these components need. 
X2 Products offer solutions for each budget, from value level to high-end with a myriad of possibilities.

  • X2 Products | CPU Coolers
    CPU Coolers

    Globally renowned for its cooling products X2 Products has become a leader in this field. Since 1998 X2 Products have designed and produced a multitude of CPU coolers for the home, office, networked & gamer computers.

  • X2 Products | Peripherals

    A vast range of computing parts and accessories to make the use of PC systems more ergonomic, functional and enjoyable.

  • X2 Products | Power Supplies
    Power Supplies

    The X2 Products power supplies give even the most demanding PC users a way to keep it cool. Whether you are upgrading your standard power supply or you want more efficiency and not the noise, X2 Products have various series for each desire and budget.

  • X2 Products | System Cooling
    System Cooling

    Good ventilation is mandatory for every hot electronic device. Not to mention the enhanced performance and lifetime of your expensive components. This category contains a wide range of cooling solutions for PC and CE systems.