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  • Abkoncore Ramesses 320 review by Techtesters
    Abkoncore Ramesses 320 review by TechtestersOctober 2019

    Whether the Ramesses 320 from Abkoncore is a good case? Abkoncore has things in order in most areas: it has a good build quality, there are many fans that ensure good airflow and with its RGB effects and tempered glass panels it is certainly no punishment to look at.

    Award/video website
  • X2 BLAZE II awarded by PerformancePSU.com
    X2 BLAZE II awarded by PerformancePSU.comApril 2019

    This is an amazing value tempered glass pc case that is sturdy, well made and looks absolutely amazing. It's worthy of any build, air or water.

    Award/video website
  • X2 VISION 7013 pc case video
    X2 VISION 7013 pc case videoNovember 2018

    Youtube introduction Video of the X2 VISION 7013 tempered glass PC case. The VISION 7013 is the top model in the VISION series with a very spacious structure built out of 0,65 mm steel and all black coated offering comfortable space for the installation of large components such as long video cards up to 350mm and extra-large CPU coolers up to 173mm high.

    Award/video website
  • X2 PIRATE 1416 takes Silver
    X2 PIRATE 1416 takes SilverNovember 2018

    With the Pirate, X2 has managed to manufacture a budget chassis, with features we normally only sees in high-end chassis´. From a distance, the Pirate looks like a high-end chassis Micro ATX gradually has the same features as ATX, so you can easily build a high-end gamer in the Pirate. The cooling options is good, and there´s amber space for the long graphic cards.

    Award/video website
  • BLAZE III reviewed by Techgaming
    BLAZE III reviewed by TechgamingOctober 2018

    With the BLAZE III X2 Gaming is able to build a very solid housing. It is clear that the manufacturer has done its best to offer an attractive product. The stylish appearance, in combination with the hardened glass, certainly helps with this. The lack of built-in fans for the price is a pity, but certainly not a damper on the experience. We gave the BLAZE III 4 out of 5 stars

    Award/video website
  • BLAZE I takes thumbs up award
    BLAZE I takes thumbs up awardSeptember 2018

    The X2 BLAZE I offers both panels of tempered glass and look very good, in particular how to put in the backlit fans is nice. The quality of the workmanship is also excellent and the housing will accommodate large components!

    Award/video website
  • Harada Gaming Mouse tested by TechGaming
    Harada Gaming Mouse tested by TechGamingJuly 2018

    All in all, the X2 Harada is an acceptable mouse. With a more compact, ergonomic design and smaller steps on the DPI scale, it could be a must and one of the better choices within the price segment. Beginners who like this more showy design and can get used to the shape the X2 Harada is a nice step up to more.

    Award/video website
  • PIRATE 1415 received thumb up
    PIRATE 1415 received thumb upJuly 2018

    X2 Pirate 1415 costs about 110 zlotys which at this price it's hard to get a better micro ATX gaming casing, and in particular with tempered glass. Which in combination with the backlit fans looks really good. It is a pity that the side window is not the entire side of the housing and that it is acrylic. Overall very nice pc gaming case from X2 we give it our thumb up award.

    Award/video website
  • EMPIRE SILVER awarded best design!
    EMPIRE SILVER awarded best design!January 2018

    The EMPIRE Silver chassis takes the Play3r Design Award. Excellent features like the included (blue) LED fan, the magnetic dust covers, well designed PSU shroud and glass panels front and back are spoiled by a lack of simple grommets and poor painting/ tooling. This is a damn good looking case though and regardless of the price if you want something unique yet simplistic in design it would be hard to beat it and for that reason!

    Award/video website
  • What next reviewed and awarded the Eclipse Advanced 991
    What next reviewed and awarded the Eclipse Advanced 991October 2017

    The X2 Eclipse Advance 991 CPU cooler is pretty quiet. At maximum RPM the performance is very good and at 800 RPM it is inaudible. The X2 Eclipse Advanced 991 should cost around € 33,- At this price it is a pretty good proposition. Generally it is an interesting proposition and worth to consider at this price

    Award/video website
  • EMPIRE White awarded by Games Village
    EMPIRE White awarded by Games VillageOctober 2017

    Games Village tested and awarded the EMPIRE white tempered glass chassis

    Award/video website
  • X2 GLADIATOR video
    X2 GLADIATOR videoSeptember 2017

    Introduction video of the X2 GLADIATOR PC gamer case. The iconic GLADIATOR series ATX tower PC enclosure is built for people who just love playing on computers. With ample room for up to 5 drives, 7 expansion slots for the installation of long graphics cards and large CPU coolers.

    Award/video website
  • EMPIRE SILVER tested & awarded by Comptoir du Hardware
    EMPIRE SILVER tested & awarded by Comptoir du HardwareSeptember 2017

    The X2 EMPIRE silver is an interesting chassis with atypical design and the rather noble materials. We leave the Empire Silver of X2 without too much trouble and still grant him 3 stars for good performances!

    Award/video website
  • X2 T6 PC case reviewed by Technuovo UK
    X2 T6 PC case reviewed by Technuovo UKJune 2017

    The Dutch company X2 are turning out some fine products at the moment and we hope to bring some more to you soon. They are so confident all will be well with this case, there is a two year warranty with it. Cost at the time of writing is about £40, perhaps a little under.

    Award/video website
  • HARADA reviewed by PC Nadsenci
    HARADA reviewed by PC NadsenciJune 2017

    The HARADA gaming mouse by X2 comes at a great price, it's design is ergonomic and DPI interchangeable. The mouse is standard quite heavy in my opinion but you can remove weights that a placed inside the bottom of the mouse. I gave the HARADA mouse our bronze award.

    Award/video website
  • Xpad Pro XXXL the Silver award
    Xpad Pro XXXL the Silver awardJune 2017

    here are the conclusions for X2 products review unitsXpad - I like dimensions and build quality as well as adequate price. Something to improve - stitching around the edges would be welcomed.I gave it silver award

    Award/video website
  • Magic Lantern 120mm Reviewed by Techicize
    Magic Lantern 120mm Reviewed by TechicizeApril 2017

    I’m really impressed with the MAGIC LANTERN fans overall. Availability here in the UK is lacking, but elsewhere there seems to be plenty of retailers to choose from (US). Pricing is very fair considering its triple pack, based on similar offerings from other brands.Visual performance is excellent. If you need something that adds a fair amount of lighting into your case, these are a smart choice. The hands-on control is a winner in our books.

    Award/video website
  • EMPIRE White takes Silver Award
    EMPIRE White takes Silver AwardApril 2017

    It has been a pleasure to test the Empire White gamer case from X2. You can install the most evil gamer or workstation in this cabinet. There are plenty of opportunities for further cooling. When you assemble a machine in this chassis it feels like X2 have thought well about things. X2 has used black mesh on the entire front and top. This is just really good! A pair of large side windows made from reinforced glass completes the overall positive impression.

    Award/video website
  • i5 gamer case review by Techpowerup
    i5 gamer case review by TechpowerupApril 2017

    The i5 is a compact chassis for mATX users who want good compatibility with tower coolers, ATX PSUs, and decent graphic cards, along with the advertised ability of holding a 240 mm radiator. While that sounds good on paper, the biggest issue is the fact that a 240 mm radiator and fans will not fit as they will collide with motherboard components with near certainty.  If the design and white color is something you dig, there are retailers selling it for around €22 in Europe, which is actually quite adequate for a basic air-cooled rig.

    Award/video website
  • Lab501 tested the i7 gamer chassis
    Lab501 tested the i7 gamer chassisMarch 2017

    X2 gaming brings a unique approach to the small ATX segment with the i7 case. A bit unusual, but well designed interior. I appreciate that the manufacturer was not focused on providing space for more than two drives, this is enough for such system in 2017 in my opinion. Instead, the interior space is generous, with good wire-management possibilities and high air circulation. Nice appearance filled the side window and possibilities of advanced cooling upgrades.

    Award/video website
  • Harada takes the lead
    Harada takes the leadMarch 2017

    X2 offers a good product with the HARADA mouse. Made of high quality that will satisfy every gamer. This nicely designed gamer mouse is very flexible in different situations of use. The price is approximately EUR 45 on amazon. We award the HARADA with 4 out of 5 stars.

    Award/video website
  • Eclipse Advanced takes gold
    Eclipse Advanced takes goldMarch 2017

    X2 Eclipse Advanced is well performing cooler which is supporting nearly all desktop processors ( excluding AM1 and AM4 sockets ). It performs great but also looks great. Not many coolers are painted whole black what gives somehow unique looks. Fans design is not the best but they also perform well and are quiet till we force them to run at full speed.

    Award/video website
  • Harada mouse takes 8 out 10 by Tweak.dk
    Harada mouse takes 8 out 10 by Tweak.dkFebruary 2017

    X2 has done right, I can highlight things like the shape of the mouse, the use of Omron switches and AVAGO sensor, as well as a great build quality. It's great to see aluminum in mice that do not cost more than 300, - DKK. However, it adds a good amount of weight, at least to the X2 HARADA.

    Award/video website
  • T1 pc case takes silver award
    T1 pc case takes silver awardFebruary 2017

    The X2 T1 model is an entry level pc case model for those people on a tight budget. The quality of the materials used are sufficient, as well as its design, it is likable and discreet. The T1 supports ATX to Micro-ATX motherboards and coolers up to 150mm high, with graphics cards up to 320mm in length, this means you can install components of good quality and high-performance.

    Award/video website
  • Review of the Harada Gaming Mouse
    Review of the Harada Gaming MouseJanuary 2017

    This X2 HARADA is strong build and functional, which should appeal to most users. It works very well in games, because it is equipped with a good laser sensor, In our opinion, Harada meets the requirements of mainly people who use higher sensitivity settings and perform long movements of the mouse.

    Award/video website
  • X2 Harada Gaming Mouse Review
    X2 Harada Gaming Mouse ReviewJanuary 2017

    X2 have provided a very high quality mouse for an affordable price (£38 MSRP), and I would expect to pay an extra £20 if I wasn’t aware of its price. The design and functionality are well executed, and puts this mouse up with Razer and Corsair’s range of gaming mice.

    Award/video website
  • i6 Pro gamer chassis on youtube
    i6 Pro gamer chassis on youtubeJanuary 2017

    Introduction video of the new X2 pc gamer chassis : i6 Pro series, model number : X2-S8026W-CE/R-U3

    Award/video website
  • X2 Announces the Harada Gaming Mouse
    X2 Announces the Harada Gaming MouseDecember 2016

    This right-oriented mouse is suitable for both claw- and palm-grips, and combines a rubberized plastic body, with a stainless steel base and polymer glide feet. The mouse features 7 programmable buttons with Omron switches for the main two buttons.

    Award/video website
  • X2 Rindja 8020 PC Gamer Chassis Review
    X2 Rindja 8020 PC Gamer Chassis ReviewNovember 2016

    The Rindja mid-tower by X2. It’s a very interesting product largely thanks to its available interior space. So not only can you mount up to 6 drives (3x2.5”/3x3.5”) and up to 9 fans (comes with three 120mm LED fans pre-installed) but you can also mount very long graphics cards (up to 275mm long), tall CPU coolers (up to 160mm) and long power supply units.

    Award/video website
  • X2 RINDJA ATX chassis review by Funkykit
    X2 RINDJA ATX chassis review by FunkykitOctober 2016

    The main thing which is saving the X2 RINDJA is the good price. MSRP $69.95 with 3 LED cooling fans included seems quite good price. I guess that less demanding users will find it interesting. Probably also modders could be interested as design of RINDJA has some potential. Case overall isn’t big but inside can fit quite powerful gaming computer.

    Award/video website
  • RINDJA tested and awarded by Game Modding Tech
    RINDJA tested and awarded by Game Modding TechSeptember 2016

    The X2 RINJA is very well made in both quality and design. The case offers a wide selection of cooling fan arrangement for an optimal air flow. The ability to install many SSD is very much appreciated. We are very satisfied and we give the RINDJA 4 out of 5 stars.

    Award/video website
  • KIMERA keyboard reviewed & awarded by gametechmodding.com
    KIMERA keyboard reviewed & awarded by gametechmodding.comJuly 2016

    I was amazed by the amount of customization offered by the KIMERA gaming keyboard. The outlook design displays an aggressive look, which I like a lot. Excellent choice of materials that are very resistant and comfortable. Very long USB cable: 1.5m and many macros that can be added via the G1 ~ G5 keys. We award the X2 KIMERA gaming keyboard with 4.5 out of the maximum 5 stars.

    Award/video website
  • MIRAGE gamer keyboard tested by PC Elite
    MIRAGE gamer keyboard tested by PC EliteJune 2016

    The X2 Mirage gamer keyboard works and performs very well. Workmanship is at a very good level, because the casing is made out of metal. On the plus side it also is equipped with back light in 3 colors, buttons are removable and the Mirage is supported with a wrist rest.

    Award/video website
  • Video SPITZER 20 gamer case
    Video SPITZER 20 gamer caseMay 2016

    Video of the Spitzer 20 series highlighting the features and good looks of this gamer chassis.

    Award/video website
  • NEXTYDE reviewed and tested by LAB501
    NEXTYDE reviewed and tested by LAB501May 2016

    X2 Nextyde surprised me both in price and the facilities. Smoky side window providing perspective on what's inside, complementing the work done by the user and fueling envy friends. Things that I appreciated are: easy handling, compactness, fan controller, cable holes & routing, the side window, total height allowed for cooler processor and the flexibility of mounting SSD.

    Award/video website
  • 9.1 Score for the Spitzer 20 pc chassis
    9.1 Score for the Spitzer 20 pc chassisMay 2016

    Spitzer X2 pc case is very attractive and great for gamers. Suitable for the newest gaming hardware and last generation graphics cards up to 370mm. It comes with a single drive bay 3.5 / 2.5 inch for SSD and installed two bright blue LED fans on the front side. We rate the Spitzer 20 with 9.1 out of 10 points.

    Award/video website
  • PC Elite Poland reviewed and awarded our KIMERA gaming keyboard
    PC Elite Poland reviewed and awarded our KIMERA gaming keyboardMarch 2016

    The Kimera keyboard from X2 comes at a very good price-performance ratio. Advantages are the arrangement of keys, cool backlight and comfortable touch. 100% award for profitability and appearance!

    Award/video website
  • ECLIPSE ADVANCED reviewed by PC Masters
    ECLIPSE ADVANCED reviewed by PC MastersFebruary 2016

    The Eclipse Advanced heatsink is fully coated black. This glossy coating is visually haptic as a painting Striking curved blades Giving Grey Transparent axial fans a proper look and Striving for Positive Properties.

    Award/video website
  • Insidehardware awarded X2 CUBEMAX
    Insidehardware awarded X2 CUBEMAXJune 2015

    The Cube Max offers a rather minimalist design that closely resembles a cube, but thanks to a number of details such as the rounded corners and a brushed finish gives the user a true object of design that does not look out of place

    Award/video website
  • CUBE MAX in depth review by PC Foster
    CUBE MAX in depth review by PC FosterApril 2015

    The CUBE MAX is a good-looking housing that has been optimized for building a HTPC. This chassis is completely build out of aluminum which provides for good cooling and air ventilation through the bottom intake.

    Award/video website
  • ECLIPSE ADVANCED editors choice Skratchwizpc
    ECLIPSE ADVANCED editors choice SkratchwizpcApril 2015

    X2 Eclipse Advanced itself we really liked the stealth appearance, the all-black finish looks the part and the build quality is to a high standard, especially with the aluminum fins that are ridged and don’t feel like they are going to bend easily with the slightest touch, which can be easily done if you’re not careful.

    Award/video website
  • Tweak.dk Unboxing: X2 Eclipse Advanced CPU Cooler
    Tweak.dk Unboxing: X2 Eclipse Advanced CPU CoolerApril 2015

    Today Tweak.dk Denmark will have a look at the latest CPU cooler from X2: their Eclipse Advanced tower heat-pipe cooler.

    Award/video website
  • 6011 Chassis awarded with gold
    6011 Chassis awarded with goldDecember 2014

    The X2.6011 is a very interesting chassis with outstanding cooling and many possibilities of expansion. This modern bold design is build out of high quality materials and complete with all the gamer features such as USB 3.0 front ports and watercooling passage and mounting.

    Award/video website
  • X2 Chronosphere semi-modular PSU takes silver!
    X2 Chronosphere semi-modular PSU takes silver!November 2014

    The X2 Chronosphere power supply is an interesting semi-modular cabling unit with plenty cables and connectors. At the level of 80 Plus Bronze certification and efficiency sold retail for about Euro 73,95 is not the cheapest but a reasonable pricing.

    Award/video website
  • Pasti Test | X2-HS7502-USB
    Pasti Test | X2-HS7502-USBSeptember 2014

    With a 45 € suggest retail price and a great 7.1 virtual sound, this X² SolarBlast can be your next gaming headset. Forget the first feeling "It's a low cost product without quality" because it's not true. Ok the SolarBlast is not perfect, but it's cheap, confortable and the home driver make I forget all to remember "It's a good gaming and music headset for a large public.

    Award/video website
  • Play3r.net | X2-MP03
    Play3r.net | X2-MP03August 2014

    At the end of the day if you are looking for a monster mouse pad to cover a large area the X2 XPAD PRO XXXL is a very good offering and should definitely be considered. It offers a great surface, durability and it’s size is sure to just about cover any area it is needed for. I like it and as mentioned I will be looking into getting it’s little brother for normal day to day use in the future.

    Award/video website
  • ReviewStudio.net | X2-HS7006
    ReviewStudio.net | X2-HS7006August 2014

    X2 worked on creating a great pair of cans.....I might say Aurel is an entry-level audiophile & gaming-headset hybrid, or something of the sort. It takes bits from both worlds, though it doesn't fully commit to any of them.

    Award/video website
  • InsideHardware.it | X2-6018
    InsideHardware.it | X2-6018July 2014

    In the face of all this, and recalling again the selling price of only € 53, we believe that the Spire X2.6018 can be considered a good choice for both beginners and for enthusiasts, who at an affordable price will find this product has everything they need, with sufficient space for any attempts to modding.

    Award/video website
  • OCIA.net | X2-HS7006
    OCIA.net | X2-HS7006May 2014

    This is our first experience with X2 Products and the Aurel series 2.0 headphones feel like high quality audio gear. The over-the-ear cups are very plush as is the over-the-head bar padding meaning the Aurel is very comfortable to wear even for extended periods.

    Award/video website
  • SFF-TEK.com | Eclipse IV
    SFF-TEK.com | Eclipse IVMay 2014

    The X2′s ECLIPSE IV IS THE WINNER by a Knock out. X2 Eclipse / 50 degrees C to  the bequiet Shadow Rock 2 / 61.2  degrees C Full Load stressed

    Award/video website
  • LegitReviews.com | X2-HS7601-USB
    LegitReviews.com | X2-HS7601-USBMay 2014

    The Saturn is comfortable to wear mostly due to its lightweight construction. Everything else on top of that is icing on the cake such as the padding and alternate set of earpads. Unfortunately, a heavy dependence on plastic doesn’t always translate well to durability and that’s a tradeoff to be considered.

    Award/video website
  • LeeSuiLoong | X2-HS7006
    LeeSuiLoong | X2-HS7006May 2014

    Excellent to wear, great audio quality and overall a very good product.



    Award/video website
  • SkratchwizPC.net | X2-HS7601-USB
    SkratchwizPC.net | X2-HS7601-USBMay 2014

    Overall I was relativity pleased with the X2 Saturn.....

    Award/video website
  • FrostyTech.com | X2-9862-N1-PWM
    FrostyTech.com | X2-9862-N1-PWMMay 2014

    Ultimately, X2 Products's Eclipse IV heatsink performed very well on the 125W AMD and 150W Intel synthetic thermal test platforms. The results were quite good on the 200W Intel synthetic thermal test platform.

    Award/video website
  • XtremeHardware.com | X2-MP03
    XtremeHardware.com | X2-MP03April 2014

    We have reached the end of our review which saw the protagonists of the series mousepad XPAD X2. The design and build quality are excellent and the color scheme of the mousepad is now a valid combination with the vast majority of devices.

    Award/video website
  • GameZoom.net | X2-9862N1-PWM
    GameZoom.net | X2-9862N1-PWMApril 2014

    With the Eclipse IV X2 delivers a good tower cooler. The clean workmanship, secure mounting system and the very good performance make the product a well priced product. Even though the 120mm fans are slightly audible (stock) at high speeds, we can still issue a buy recommendation for the processor cooler.

    Award/video website
  • CoolingTechnique.com | X2-HS7501-USB
    CoolingTechnique.com | X2-HS7501-USBApril 2014

    The X2 Mars is surprisingly comfortable and easy to use. The sound quality is not at the same level as most high end headsets, but then considering the cheap price it is actually very acceptable.

    Award/video website
  • Nikktech.com | X2-HS7601-USB
    Nikktech.com | X2-HS7601-USBApril 2014

    Leaving out build quality the SATURN 5.1 HD Gaming Audio Headset did really good in all our tests and so we are awarding it with our Golden Award.

    Award/video website
  • HWLegend.com | X2-HS7601-USB
    HWLegend.com | X2-HS7601-USBApril 2014

    The X2 Saturn are solid and finished in every detail scrupulously and manic, so as to fully satisfy the requirements of aesthetics and quality. The headphones are produced in only one color: that is, in black shade with red trim.

    Award/video website
  • XtremeHardware.com | X2-MP02
    XtremeHardware.com | X2-MP02April 2014

    We have reached the end of our review which saw the protagonists of the series mousepad XPAD X2. The design and build quality are excellent and the color scheme of the mousepad is now a valid combination with the vast majority of devices.

    Award/video website
  • Rendszerigeny.hu | X2-HS7601-USB
    Rendszerigeny.hu | X2-HS7601-USBMarch 2014

    Our test sample did not only pass, but it has earned our "recommended by Author" award. Price / performance ratio is quite good for a suggested retail price of USD 81.95 / EURO 59.95, which is roughly HUF 19 000, which is smoothly worth the investment.

    Award/video website
  • XtremeHardware.com | X2-HS7006
    XtremeHardware.com | X2-HS7006March 2014

    We conclude the review of the X2 Aurel confirming the excellent quality of this headset. Despite being a simple stereo headset we had no problems with playing our favorite songs. The sound has always been powerful and well-balanced at every opportunity. The design is also a point in favor of this headset....

    Award/video website
  • TheLab.gr | X2-HS7601-USB
    TheLab.gr | X2-HS7601-USBMarch 2014

    By purchasing X2's Saturn 5.1, the user must be aware that he will receive exactly what the manufacturer promised. The system's 5.1 function exists and works well, allowing the use of the headset as the playback source of multichannel content found in games and movies...

    Award/video website
  • Tweak.dk | X2-HS7502-USB
    Tweak.dk | X2-HS7502-USBMarch 2014

    The colors are red and black, and the build quality seems pretty much quite solid, but we have seen better. Worth highlighting are the earcups, which have a size that allows everyone to benefit. The line is that besides being red, very soft and comfortable to the touch. It might be a small thing, but it is very much worth mentioning...

    Award/video website
  • GameZoom.net | X2-HS7601-USB
    GameZoom.net | X2-HS7601-USBFebruary 2014

    With the Saturn X2 delivers a very good and inexpensive 5.1 headset for gamers. In addition to the clean workmanship, the sound quality from both the speakers and microphone are very pleasing. In addition, the headset scores through a high wearing comfort and a sufficiently long cable.

    Award/video website
  • ByTheWay.gr | X2-HS7006
    ByTheWay.gr | X2-HS7006February 2014

    The Aurel delivers an intense performance that will thrill especially younger,  while design details such as a single detachable cable will satisfy the most demanding, but also those who want to listen live and pure music will be very satisfied.

    Award/video website
  • FunkyKit.com | X2-HS7502-USB
    FunkyKit.com | X2-HS7502-USBFebruary 2014

    With a suggested retail price of 45 euro you can own a gaming  headset with a foldable microphone, cool but not exaggerated looks, a volume wheel on the earcup instead of on the cable and a bass boost button what I like too. If you want a gaming headset but your budget is on the small size, this headset has some cool features and a microphone that automatically mutes when closed in. It has its negative sides but its certainly not a bad headset!

    Award/video website
  • FunkyKit.com | X2-HS7601-USB
    FunkyKit.com | X2-HS7601-USBJanuary 2014

    For around 60 euro you have a real 5.1 audio headset witch is comfortable, has red lights and red accents on the design and has a gaming look. 2 Pairs of ear cushions a good looking braided cable and good sound performance.

    Award/video website
  • HardwareHeaven.com | X2-HS7601-USB
    HardwareHeaven.com | X2-HS7601-USBJanuary 2014

    Watch the video review for the full story.

    Award/video website
  • GameZoom.net | X2-HS7502-USB
    GameZoom.net | X2-HS7502-USBJanuary 2014

    The new X2 Headset features at an affordable price is a stable construction, very good voice quality and a good 7.1 sound. The switchable vibration effects are especially like shooter gamer.

    Award/video website
  • TechGage.com | X2-HS7006
    TechGage.com | X2-HS7006January 2014

    X2 has done a great job with the Aurel. As a pair of headphones, it hits its targets far more than it misses. Despite its smallish ear cups, it is comfortable to wear and use. It’s versatile and functional like few other products in its class, and the quality of its audio output pleases the ears.

    Award/video website
  • TheLab.gr | X2-HS7502-USB
    TheLab.gr | X2-HS7502-USBDecember 2013

    At the end the feelings for Solarblast its mixed. As they are Gaming Headset we will expect some better positioning for fps games using Virtual Surround 7.1. We hope for a driver update to fix the problem. In other games that we test they was really fun, specially using the Bass boost future. They may be made from ABS plastic but definitely not give the feeling of "Cheap". We would like to see a mute button for microphone instead of doing that through software.

    Award/video website
  • FunkyKit.com | X2-HS7006
    FunkyKit.com | X2-HS7006December 2013

    For around 52 Euros the Aurel headphone is really good value for the money. It is amazingly comfortable, you will have a great sound experience, and you won't hear too much surrounding noise thanks to the passive noise cancellation feature. I also find the design of the headphone really well done and its useful as well,  you can turn the ear cups for easy transport, its extendable and the ear cups also are a little bit movable. I really really love it!

    Award/video website
  • Razorman.net | X2-HS7502-USB
    Razorman.net | X2-HS7502-USBDecember 2013

    I have made a good impression SOLARBLAST these headphones X2 : The exterior design is very striking, with a good quality of materials and color contrasts between black and maroon details thereof.

    Award/video website
  • FreeOC'en.de | X2-HS7006
    FreeOC'en.de | X2-HS7006December 2013

    The X2 Aurel headphones qualities are not limited to great music quality, the microphone also does an excellent job. The build quality is also absolutely first class.

    Award/video website
  • iTrends.dk | X2-MP02
    iTrends.dk | X2-MP02December 2013

    X2 MP02 mat draws our iTrends grading scale up to 90 points and the reason for this is because the mat generally delivers a great experience and the technical issues regarding the size and thickness is in the category that is quite popular in the market.

    Award/video website
  • Traficantes De Hardware.com | X2-MP02
    Traficantes De Hardware.com | X2-MP02December 2013

    X2 launches this Xpad Mouse Pad with a clear idea in your head, offer good performance at a reduced cost. Despite being a custom fabric, leave us a good feel for durability, so it is in their response in mice with different optics, does not reach the accuracy of rigid models, but has responded well, we liked the shift smoothness. Its price or even 10 euros, that's not to like. For those seeking a custom larger, there is a variant PRO XPAD XXXL.

    Award/video website
  • Benchmark Reviews.com | X2-MP02
    Benchmark Reviews.com | X2-MP02November 2013

    In terms of functionality both XPAD products perform well, but the X2 XPAD Pro XXXL MP03 offers a much larger space for mouse movement. Additionally, the larger dimensions cover most desktop surfaces entirely, and allow a static-free cover that protects other sensitive components.

    Award/video website
  • Benchmark Reviews.com | X2-MP03
    Benchmark Reviews.com | X2-MP03November 2013

    In terms of functionality both XPAD products perform well, but the X2 XPAD Pro XXXL MP03 offers a much larger space for mouse movement. Additionally, the larger dimensions cover most desktop surfaces entirely, and allow a static-free cover that protects other sensitive components.

    Award/video website
  • NoReviewLeftBehind.com | X2-MP02
    NoReviewLeftBehind.com | X2-MP02November 2013

    The X2 XPAD is certainly an interesting option for your gaming needs, if you're looking for a very smooth mousepad that optimizes speed you will not be disappointed with it. At the time of this review the XPAD should cost you something like 12€ or $16, an interesting price tag when you consider the overall quality of the product.

    Award/video website
  • PlugInReviews.pt | X2-6019B-CE-R
    PlugInReviews.pt | X2-6019B-CE-RNovember 2013

    The case is a mid tower interesting especially for modding , the midtray and assembly source from the rear also differentiate this box. It is a light case , even with the hardware and easy to carry, which may please those who visit lanparties.

    Award/video website
  • FunkyKit.com | X2-6011B-CE-R
    FunkyKit.com | X2-6011B-CE-RSeptember 2013

    I like the case, big enough for almost all users and has all the latest connectivity options for modern users. The build quality is definitely there, and the design is good enough for any gamer. There's plenty of cooling fans offering excellent airflow, but watch for the noise level though. All-in-all, a very good gaming chassis.

    Award/video website
  • ByTheWay.gr | X2-6019B-CE-R
    ByTheWay.gr | X2-6019B-CE-RSeptember 2013

    The X2 6019 certainly left us a good impression . The unique and aggressive Design of graced our space and thus worthy of winning the title Editor's Choice. Plenty of space , can accommodate high-end air cooling solutions inside, the airflow is good and almost all parts of the removed very easily , allowing access everywhere .

    Award/video website
  • NikkTech.com | X2-6018B-CE-R
    NikkTech.com | X2-6018B-CE-RSeptember 2013

    Still we are talking about a quality PC Case with a nice assortment of features and a very low price tag so if you do like the design and you don’t mind purchasing fans separately (or if you'd swap the preinstalled ones either way) then be sure to check it out since it might be exactly what you're looking for.

    Award/video website
  • Tweak.dk | X2-6019B-CE-R
    Tweak.dk | X2-6019B-CE-RSeptember 2013

    The design is ingenious and ensure that you get good airflow past the right components and cables do not get in the way. It's a breeze to build in cabinet as actually surprisingly good with space and good cable management options. With three included fans, two of which are with LED lights, one should be well covered and having good cooling for its components. All in all, a cabinet that does what it should and looks tough at the same time.

    Award/video website
  • SkratchWizPC.net | X2-6019B-CE-R
    SkratchWizPC.net | X2-6019B-CE-RSeptember 2013

    The X2 6019 offers a spacious case with room for long graphics cards and tall heatsinks, but no water cooling support unless you’re going to install a 120m in the rear. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the X2 6019 with only a few issues that was covered in the install.

    Award/video website
  • PCWelt.de  |  X2-6019B-CE-R
    PCWelt.de | X2-6019B-CE-RAugust 2013

    The X2 6019 MOD Series gives us little cause for criticism: Hard disks can be changed very fast and installing, the subdivision of the interior promises a better air circulation. Also, when buying three large fans are pre-installed, already provide for an orderly flow of air.

    Award/video website
  •  	Overclockers Tech.com | X2-6019B-CE-R
    Overclockers Tech.com | X2-6019B-CE-RAugust 2013

    As it stands this is a great first start for the X2 series and if they keep on employing new ideas and even taking ideas from other products but making a fusion of these innovations into something new then things will indeed bode well for X2.

    Award/video website
  • Tech Power Up.com | X2-6019B-CE-R
    Tech Power Up.com | X2-6019B-CE-RJuly 2013

    X2 ultimately managed to surprise us with the chassis. It is a real, viable alternative to all the other players on the market. A good start. Keep it up X2!

    Award/video website
  • GameZoom.net | X2-6019B-CE-R
    GameZoom.net | X2-6019B-CE-RJuly 2013

    We tested the second chassis in the X2 Mod series, shows a really good improvements. Technically and visually, it's hard to find any real defects. Much work has been put in to making he airflow in this case as good as possible.

    Award/video website
  • HiTechLegion.com | X2-12025N7L4-B-PWM
    HiTechLegion.com | X2-12025N7L4-B-PWMApril 2013

    The experience while testing the Spire X2 120mm PWM fan was a positive one. My first impressions of the fan as I pulled it out of the box were that the build quality was good. Seven fan blades are on the 120mm model and they are shaped to create pressure and to push air through a case. The blades themselves are thin and made of a slightly flexible plastic so I did not have to worry about them getting damaged. Something fairly unique on the X2 is the short PWM cable.

    Award/video website
  • ClubIC.com | X2-6011B-CE-R
    ClubIC.com | X2-6011B-CE-RApril 2013

    Because the brand achieved with this tower a nice job: accomplished finish, rich connectivity (even if it lacks the hot swap), controlled ventilation ... As for cable management, it is simply worthy of a high-end housing.

    Award/video website
  • GoGamingGiant.com | X2-12025N7L4-B-PWM
    GoGamingGiant.com | X2-12025N7L4-B-PWMMarch 2013

    The X2 120N BLD fans are quality fans when it comes to build quality and cooling performance. If you’re afraid to purchase these fans because they’re a brand you don’t know, don’t be.. After spending plenty of hands-on time with them, I can say that they are really high-quality fans that will cool your PC extremely well.

    Award/video website
  • Mods4You.de | X2-12025N7L4-B-PWM
    Mods4You.de | X2-12025N7L4-B-PWMMarch 2013

    The X2.120N BLD is a good fan for all purposes. The low speed performance is absolutely recommendable.

    Award/video website
  • GeForceItalia.it | X2-12025N7L3
    GeForceItalia.it | X2-12025N7L3February 2013

    Excellent build quality, modular cable, silicone rubber anti-vibration very functional, comfortable and removable, excellent performance, low noise and 5 year warranty: we are faced with two very valid fans that Spire has designed for demanding users who want a good product at the right price. In light of all this, our Gold Award is well deserved!

    Award/video website
  • Rexware.fr | X2-12025N7L3
    Rexware.fr | X2-12025N7L3February 2013

    The X2.120N is a versatile 120mm fan nice features such as anti-vibe corners and a transparent frame.

    Award/video website
  • Tweak.dk | X2-6011B-CE-R
    Tweak.dk | X2-6011B-CE-RJanuary 2013

    The window on the left side allows you to show off your hardware at for example, LAN events. The build quality of the chassis is very good. The front panel is made of plastic, which is noticable but still very good quality. With a price of around 1000, - Krone the X2.6011 falls in the more  expensive end of the scale, when we're talking midi towers. But with five included fans, built-in fan controller, dust filters and great design and build quality, the price may not be far off?

    Award/video website
  • Hardware.info | X2-6011B-CE-R
    Hardware.info | X2-6011B-CE-RJanuary 2013

    The X2.6011 left us pleasantly surprised. The case is well made and has been built with good quality material. It is a complete computer case, really spacious and with many extras.

    Award/video website
  • Tweakers.net | X2-6011B-CE-R
    Tweakers.net | X2-6011B-CE-RDecember 2012

    X2 offers an excellent case with it's X2.6011 MOD Series. In- and outside it's truly a great case with great eye for detail.

    Award/video website


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